10 Reasons To Use Digital Audio Consoles

One of the most important aspects of a successful event is the sound quality achieved by your audio console.

In recent years, many churches, event planning companies, and meeting organizers have made the jump from analog audio consoles to digital audio consoles.

While the analog systems are familiar and perceived as easy to use, they don’t offer the possibilities that digital audio consoles can.

Old technology is hard to let go of, but investing in an analog audio console is like buying a VCR to record your event. Listening to music on a Walkman. Taking notes on paper. Entertaining a group of teenagers with an Atari.

Digital audio consoles are becoming mainstream, and can offer your event some huge advantages.

Here are 10 reasons why all of us here at LIVE! say it’s a worthwhile investment:

1. Improved sound quality

The quality of digital recordings is improving significantly, thanks to current advances in analog-to-digital conversion methods. Although a digital signal isn’t continuous, its use of a higher sampling rate can erase any distinction between audio and digital sound.

2. Competitive price

In the past, digital audio consoles were a major investment. Today, top of the line options are still expensive, however many manufacturers now offer at least one or more consoles priced under $5,000. Some models are as low as $550.

3. Compact console design

Gone are the days of the big concert rigs with racks of outboard processing that were complicated to assemble and transport. Now it’s all built in to the console, allowing you to control the show more efficiently and in much less space.

4. It’s user friendly

Digital audio consoles can be as simple or as complicated as you need them to be. The console can have a single bank of faders, or multiple banks of faders. These can be configured to meet the needs of an amateur, or a trained engineer.

5. Hands-free operation

If you won’t have a console operator for the event, a digital audio console can recall scenes from different performances, and can operate hands-free when pre-programmed. Most companies offer different service packages that range in cost and support, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. Being without a maintenance contract is a gamble because if something goes wrong, you’ll have to wait longer to receive service, and you will pay a higher fee.

6. Large memory

Most digital consoles have memory storage of up to 50 shows.

7. Multiple input channels and BUS feeds

Most digital consoles have the capability to handle more channels than are on the console surface, and have multiple layers to access additional auxiliary mixes.

8. Multiple methods of recording a performance

The majority of digital audio consoles have one or more methods of recording a performance. Some have a USB recorder built into the deck to make two-track recordings while others can make multi-track recordings utilizing ADAT format or a USB output that feed to an external computer or recording device.

9. Different models and brands to choose from

Each digital audio console manufacturer has their own interpretation of how the console should sound, and what effect should reside in the effects library. Therefore, be sure to check out the quality of the faders, buttons, and encoders. Also, take note of how the console is constructed. There are options available, making it easy to find the one that is best for your event.

10. Manufacturer support

One of the best features of a digital audio console is having a searchable owner’s manual stored and available in the console when you need it. Also, many manufacturers offer telephone support, with varying hours.

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