4 Important AV Tips Every Event Presenter Should Know

Your event guests will form an impression of your meeting or conference largely based on what they learned from your speakers, workshops or panel discussions.

Part of your job as an event planner is to work with your AV team to ensure your presenters are heard, there’s no echo and feedback in the room, and the presentation they’ve prepared can be seen and heard easily.

But as we all know, stuff happens. Hand held slide advancers don’t work, the wifi crashes, the presenter’s voice is too loud or too quiet. The audience may assume it’s the fault of the equipment, but sometimes the problem boils down to user error.

And that’s okay, because most presenters are professionals in their area of expertise, not AV technicians. All of us at LIVE! Technologies suggest that you have a meeting with your presenters before they take the stage, and educate them on four important tips:

Tip #1: Turn your shoulders, not your head

The optimal place for a microphone is center-chest, usually clipped to the presenter’s tie or shirt. This ensures the voice is projected directly toward the mic, allowing it to pick up the fullest sound from the voice. If the presenter turns his or her head while speaking, the mic will lose some of its fullness. Presenters can move around on stage and face different directions, as long as the movement is from the shoulders, not the head.


Tip #2: Know where the speakers are – and don’t walk in front of them

When a presenter walks in front of a speaker with the mic on, it will result in that earsplitting squeal called feedback. Show your presenters where the speakers are on the stage, and explain that eardrums will be spared if they stay safely behind them.


Tip #3: Understand how to advance and reverse slides

Have each presenter meet with the AV staff before the event, to make sure he or she is comfortable with the technology being used.


Tip #4: Know how to communicate when a malfunction occurs

Even the most flawlessly executed event is going to experience an unplanned situation. When it’s a technical issue during a talk or panel, the presenters should ignore the mishap and move ahead through the presentation as if nothing happened. This way, they quickly regain the audience’s attention. If the situation lingers and becomes impossible to ignore, the key is to act professional in every way. Simply acknowledge the situation, and thank the AV staff for addressing the issue.

By preparing your presenters with these tips, you’ll save them the stress of an apparent equipment malfunction, and help to make their presentation a valuable and effective experience for your audience.

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