How to Choose an Event Production Company

If you’re looking for an event production company to help you plan your event, a basic Google search will yield countless results: companies with advertisements, companies listed under a map, and hundreds of other companies on the proceeding pages. How do you know which one to choose? Where do you start?

Choosing an event production company to partner with is a big decision. When you are investing the time and expense to organize an event, nothing is more important than its success.

Anyone can say they are a reputable company, but how will you know for sure?

Here are some qualities to look for and questions to ask when choosing this all-important event partner:

1. Experience

How long has the company been in business? What other events have they coordinated? Find the company’s website and look for projects they have worked on that are similar to the one you need planned. It’s not necessarily a red flag if a company is new. Everyone has to start somewhere. But research the company’s background and experience.

2. A strong digital marketing presence

Conduct an online audit of potential event production companies. Look for a website, an updated blog, a social media presence, and a chance to opt in to a newsletter or a free download. Your event will need to be promoted, so it’s important the company you hire knows enough to do the same for themselves.

3. Budgeting and resources

An event production company will need to stay within the budget you set, and have the resources and connections to carry out your vision.

4. Creativity

An event can impress and inspire those that attend, and the most memorable ones are the creative ones. Have any potential event production company provide you with a portfolio, or see if they have case studies on their website you can read.

5. Attention to detail

Everything that can go wrong won’t necessarily go wrong with careful planning and attention to detail. Ask about the safeguards they use to prevent unforeseen problems, and how they handle them when they arise.

6. Communication

Your event production company should be in frequent communication with you, and accessible when you need them. Ask about their turnaround time for calls and emails, and how often they check in with their customers with a status report.

7. Professional affiliations and certifications

Both give credibility to the event production company, and show they are serious and committed to their industry.

8. References, testimonials or word of mouth referrals

What customers say about an event production company holds more weight than anything the company could ever tell you themselves. Look for testimonials on their website, or reviews on social media sites like Yelp or Facebook.

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