COVID-19 Event Discussion & Ideas To Stay Connected

Creating Memories For Your Graduates

May 7th, 2020|

Virtual Graduations with Impact Today, when so many social gatherings have been cancelled or curtailed, we have been working to create safe ways of creating memories for your graduates and their families. Here are a couple of ideas for making graduation special and unique, while still maintaining social distancing. Hybrid Commencement Safely Focuses on Student Walking Across Stage Graduates will walk across stage and pick up their diploma with their only their family present in an otherwise empty auditorium. Each student’s walk will be filmed [Read More]

Rapid Response Emergency Medical Structures

April 1st, 2020|

Rapid Response Emergency Medical Structures We are living in a precarious time. Seeing the devastating effects of a virus on a worldwide level is unprecedented. But for many of our fellow Americans it has become a reality that challenges the ability of our caregivers to combat the virus every day. We have seen this unfold in front of our eyes and Live! + Iacono have worked to offer resources to help during this time of crisis. As an immediate response, we can provide emergency medical [Read More]

Virtual Events Keep You Connected

March 19th, 2020|

Virtual Events Can Help You Maintain A Human Connection No Matter The Medium, Connecting Is Key In Creating Virtual Events Sometimes a virtual experience may be the best way to communicate with your customers, employees, shareholders, stakeholders and anyone who needs to engage with your brand, messages and vision. Because it’s virtual, connecting with emotions, feelings and experiences in unique ways can be even more critical than a traditional live event.  This isn’t possible with Skype and WebEx, Zoom or some other non-dimensional channel.  Real human [Read More]

Event Strategies to Address the Coronavirus

March 17th, 2020|

Event Strategies to Address the Coronavirus With all of the recent travel concerns that are making their way into the media, we can understand how you may have some questions about your upcoming event. At Iacono + Live! we would like for you to know we are here to help you prepare for this scenario and that you have many options outside of cancelling or postponing your event. With over forty years of experience in the event industry, we have creatively overcome many challenges of similar [Read More]