How to Craft an Event Production Calendar

An event has many moving parts, and the planning begins months or sometimes over a year before the event’s date. Whether you are planning a corporate meeting, a conference, a trade show or a wedding, you’ll need to keep your responsibilities organized and the tasks running efficiently. You can do this using an event production calendar.

What is an event production calendar?

An event production calendar is a schedule of to-do’s that must be completed before your big event. It identifies the tasks, who is responsible, and completion dates. It’s a way to keep yourself and your team organized, and visually aware of what needs to be done as the big day draws near.

An event production calendar is shared among your team. When everyone can see the calendar, your team members and volunteers have a better understanding of how their duties impact the overall plan.

An event production calendar can be created in Excel, with free or paid calendar templates available on the Internet, or with project management platforms such as Google Drive, Trello, Basecamp, and Slack. Do some research and determine what technology works best for you, your team, and your budget.

What Should be Included in an Event Production Calendar?

You could have a variety of categories and assignments on your event production calendar depending on the type of event you are hosting. For each category you place on your calendar, designate a responsible team member to be in charge of it, and include the necessary deadlines.

Here are a few assignments you may want to include:

Event Details

Select a theme for your event and a description of the theme. Logos and graphics may need to be created.



This is a detailed plan of your event for your attendees, from arrival through departure.


Determine the funds needed for each part of your event.

Venue Selection

The size, location and amenities of a venue need to be considered and discussed. Reservations will likely need to be made well ahead of schedule. Someone on your team will need to be responsible for coordinating the contract, menu, and AV requirements.

Entertainment and speakers

Brainstorm a list of speakers or the types of entertainment you would like to have at the event. Appoint someone on your team to invite or reserve it, confirm, secure payment, and get speaker biographies if needed.


How will you get the word out about your event? Determine what types of materials you will need for promotion as well as for the day of the event. Designate someone to oversee press releases, email blasts, social media ads, and event materials.


Will your venue provide staffing for your event, or will you need to provide workers or volunteers? The number of people and their specific tasks will need to be identified.


After the event, review what worked and what didn’t, and your suggestions for future events.

Your event will flow more smoothly when you take the time to implement an event production calendar. It ensures you have covered your bases so there are no unwelcomed surprises.

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