Planning Ahead for Your Events is Critical, Now More than Ever

It’s the moment we’ve all been looking forward to – the return of in-person events. Sales meeting, product launches, associate gatherings – in-person events are once again the primary preference for gatherings.

But post-Covid 2022 planning looks a little different than the pre-Covid model. Why?

It’s complicated, but in short, many things have changed.

Venues are booking much farther out, suppliers have longer lead times, labor is short, and some of your previous partner businesses may not have survived the pandemic.

In addition, there are still fluctuating Covid guidelines depending on where you host your event, and rising fuel costs are making it more expensive for attendees to participate in person.

With all of those variables in the mix, the importance of planning in-advance – and working with partners who can help you develop multiple options – is one of, if not the, most important action companies can take.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Some of my event staff isn’t returning. How do I plan and execute an event with half the team I had previously?
  • Many of our clients love the convenience of virtual. Should we offer both virtual and in-person options now?
  • We moved to a hyperlocal strategy in 2021 to keep our gatherings smaller. Do we keep that model or go back to the “big event”?
  • My event is a year away. Is that enough time?
  • Our creative services team has been downsized, and they don’t have capacity to help with our events anymore. What do I do?
  • Labor, travel, and just about everything else costs more now than it did pre-pandemic. Is my budget adequate?
  • There’s always the possibility of a new variant and the return of restrictions. What’s my contingency plan?

These are just a few of the many types of questions we encounter from people reaching out to L!VE for event consultation and production in the post-pandemic era.

Here’s our answer: The earlier you can plan, the better. And the earlier you select a partner to help, the more efficient the planning process will be.

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