Event Strategies to Address the Coronavirus

With all of the recent travel concerns that are making their way into the media, we can understand how you may have some questions about your upcoming event.

At Iacono + Live! we would like for you to know we are here to help you prepare for this scenario and that you have many options outside of cancelling or postponing your event. With over forty years of experience in the event industry, we have creatively overcome many challenges of similar difficulty (the recession of 2008 was one example).

Although no virtual experience can truly replace the magic of human connection, through the years, our team of novel creatives, video experts, and brilliant engineers have plotted ways to solve for these kinds of scenarios. Everything from virtual events, hybrid events, meetings in your corporate headquarters—and even a multi-city show that comes to your audience is possible. There are ways to stay connected with your audience and share your message, so your team can keep on track during these challenges.

If you are interested in learning some of your options, or even working together with us to create a hybrid solution for your event, please reach out and give us a call. Our team of producers and planners can help you negotiate the deadline and decision-making process for your best outcome. Even during these disruptions, we can help you to maintain the human connection.


Rusty Ranney, President/CEO, LIVE! Technologies