When it’s live, it has to be right. Because there are no second chances.

From arenas and theaters to convention centers and outdoor parks, from touring artists to touring multi-city events and productions, our goals are to listen, understand, design, and produce a fantastic show or performance, with an efficient process that understands the importance of cost control and profitability when it comes to putting a show on the road.

“We’ve been on the road with Jeff (Dunham) since 2008. What we brought to the table was one company that works together. We ended up with less people on the road, less truck space used, and a better show.”
Steve Quinn, Production Manager, LIVE!

Jeff Dunham Tour

In November 2008, LIVE! was approached about doing a three-month arena tour with the comedian Jeff Dunham. Twelve years, seven tours, upwards of 720 shows, and one world record (​most tickets sold for a stand-up comedy tour​) later, the partnership is still going strong.

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