LIVE!con Flashback: 4th Annual LIVE!Con a Success!

LIVE! Technologies hosted its fourth annual LIVE!Con event on September 15, 2016. Over 200 registered guests enjoyed a full day of education on current industry topics related to audiovisual, event management, video production, and much more. The event was free of charge.

LIVE!Con opened with a light breakfast and networking, followed by two morning sessions, a complimentary lunch and two afternoon sessions. The day concluded with a cocktail reception and live music.

Exhibitors offered attendees information on acoustic treatments, audio, control, lighting, rigging and video. They answered questions, had free give aways, and demonstrated the newest technologies.

LIVE!Con attendees stayed engaged with a customized LIVE!Con app, that provided event details such as speaker bios, the schedule, special announcements, a map, live Q&A during the sessions, and much more.

All LIVE!Con classes were taught by industry experts. Attendees could choose from 19 class offerings.
Watch our video from Martin Lighting at the 2016 LIVE!Con event!

The 2016 LIVE!Con class summaries are as follows:

  • #ADA Requirements: Do They Apply to Me? – A discussion about the American Disabilities Act that applies to all public venues
  • #Conference Room Communications: How Can it be Improved? – Changes and new products in conference room technology
  • #New Construction and Remodeling: How Does AV Fit Into the Plan? – The role of AV when building a new facility or upgrading a current one
  • #Women In Live Events: Women in Event Production – A panel discussion about opportunities, challenges, successes and accomplishments of women in the event industry
  • #Building a Sweet Mix – A presentation about mixing live sound, recorded sound and video audio for broadcast and streaming
  • #Dante: “Accomplish all hope, ye who enter here” – A discussion of Dante, one form of audio communication over Ethernet that is available with over 150 different manufacturers
  • #Event Safety: Safety is the First Priority of Any Live Event – A panel discussion of the real life safety strategies and best practices of event production and execution
  • #Is There a Video Wall In Your Future – Tips for deploying and maintaining a video wall, such as mounting ventilation, color calibration, and much more
  • #Room Automation: Will it Make My Life Easier? – The possibilities accomplished with room automation
  • #Demystifying the Digital Audio Console – Insight into the operation of digital audio technology and how it can work for you
  • #Event Marketing: Mobile Apps, Registration – Ways to fill your event’s seats, book those rooms and engage with attendees before, during and after your event
  • #Laser Projection: Life Without Lamps – A presentation by Panasonic
  • #LED Lighting: An Industry Perspective – A panel discussion about trends in the lighting industry
  • #New Construction and Remodeling: How Does AV Fit into the Plan? – How to plan for current and future audiovisual requirements in a new or existing facility
  • #Acoustics: The Hidden Factor of AV Projects – A presentation to ensure your space will enhance the performance of an audio visual conference system
  • #Event Planning – Offering tips and strategies for creating successful meetings and events
  • #Planning Your Next AV Installation Project: Did I Forget Something? – Addressing infrastructure, electrical, acoustic and structural elements of an AV project
  • #Set Design and Construction – Experts discuss the process and best practices of set design and scenic fabrication
  • #Streaming: Will it work For Me? – A presentation addressing how streaming works and what equipment is necessary

LIVE! Technologies would like to thank everyone who participated in LIVE!Con 2016, our speakers, exhibitors, food truck vendors and all the LIVE! employees who made the day possible. We hope to see all of you again next year!