Make Your AV Team Part of the Event Planning Process

There are some things that go unnoticed if they work right, and the audio-visual component of an event is one of them. Most people expect that they are going to be able to hear and see what is presented at a meeting. So if something isn’t working right, everyone in attendance is going to know about it.

Technologies are constantly changing, and it’s so important that event planners have a strong relationship with their AV team. Problems and challenges can be overcome when you have a capable, trustworthy team in place. That’s why we at LIVE! Technologies advise that you bring your own AV team to an event if possible, and make them part of the event planning process right from the beginning.

Here are more reasons why:

You already have a work history together

It is a huge advantage to work with your own AV team on a big event or conference. They know your expectations, what’s involved, and can identify any potential issues ahead of time. If your event venue wants you to use their AV team, you can usually negotiate that when you are discussing the contract details. The more you travel with your own AV team — as we do at LIVE! — the more successful your event will be.


They know what to look for and how to avoid problems

With hundreds and even thousands of events under their belts, the AV team can assess the lay of the land during their walk through. They can identify any architectural issues that you’ll need to account for, and determine if the venue’s load in and load out capacity can accommodate the equipment you need to bring. They can also select a rigging point – or the place where it is okay to hang equipment.


They are obsessed with the details

Your AV team knows how to be proactive and check the microphones, sound quality, stages and power supply. They will ask about power – if it’s provided, and if so, they will make sure you have enough for the equipment you will be using. They will check the wireless microphones, and if your speaker wants to wear it clipped on their collar, they will position it so your speaker is heard.


They know what equipment is needed and will make sure you have it

Your AV team will determine how many projection displays, audio inputs and visual inputs you will need. They will make sure the presentation aspect ratio and screen size are compatible so your presentation appears as it is intended. And you’ll never have to worry about having the wrong cords or not enough of them because your AV team will be prepared. They will pack extra cables, adapters, HDMI/VGA splitters, extenders and video switches so audio-visual data can be transmitted properly no matter what unexpected situation comes up.


They keep everyone on the same page and accountable

Your AV team may put together a cue sheet that outlines a description of each segment, the equipment required, the person responsible, and every change in lighting, sound or video. Having these steps mapped out ahead of time makes things go smoother for the presenters, audience, production crew and event planners.


The Real Live Pros from LIVE! Technologies are dedicated to the success of your event. We’ve been in the business for over 40 years, and deliver seamlessly executed live experiences through creative design, engaging event production, and intelligent technology installation.

We would love to talk with you more about the making your AV team part of the event planning process, and how we can make your event everything you dreamed it would be and more.

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