LIVE! provides Audio, Video and Lighting Integration for People’s Bank Theatre Restoration

It’s not everyday that one of our projects jumps into the national spotlight.

April 6th, Republican presidential candidate and Governor of Ohio, John Kasich gave the Ohio State of the State Address at the Peoples Bank Theatre in Marietta, Ohio. This is another high water mark for a grand old theatre. (There is another high water mark in the Green Room from a past Ohio River flood.) Originally opened as the Hippodrome in 1919, it became the Colony Cinema in 1949 and remained open until 1985. In 1989 Dan Stephan Sr. purchased the property with the hope of preserving this Marietta landmark.


LIVE! was pulled into the project in 2006 to design the audio visual systems. What we found was a dedicated group of people and building that needed a lot of work. Falling plaster, decrepit furniture, defunct mechanical and technical systems was what we found. But there were good bones. We were signed on to handle the technical systems designs. The Hippodrome/Colony Historical Theatre Association began their fund raising; by 2008 they were very close to full funding and then the bottom dropped out of the economy. The folks at the Colony didn’t give up and kept on seeking ways to fund the project. Over the years, LIVE! updated the design to address changing technology and maintained communication. In 2014, the funding goals were achieved and work began to restore the theatre. LIVE! came on the scene in 2015 to install the audio, video and theatrical lighting systems.

pb2Congratulations to Dan Stephan, Hunt Brawley and staff at the People’s Bank Theatre, and to the Hippodrome/Colony Historical Theatre Association for a job well done and the recognition that accompanies it. May the theatre service Marietta for many years to come! LIVE! appreciates being part of this restoration.