Project Description

Arnold Sports Festival: Virtual

About the Project

The LIVE! Creative team has worked with Classic Productions, the festival promoter, to stream competitions from five stages, live throughout the three action-packed days. These broadcasts build to an evening program with interviews and commentary from stage.

With the development of new live streaming software and hardware, from leading brands, the ability to incorporate the service into our already robust production offerings was an obvious choice for the LIVE! Creative team. The Arnold Sports Festival has upwards of 180,000 visitors throughout the weekend—with the ASF YouTube channel our team has been able to increase that number by an extra 10,000–50,000 in digital attendees. The ebb and flow of the viewing audience is easily accommodated by coordinating with the in-house IP and with scalable settings available in the streaming software.

Client Needs


  • We were able to broadcast live from four different stages simultaneously. Viewers were able to choose the event they wanted to watch. This gave the audience insight on how these unique sports are judged.
  • Our team created an announcer area that commentated on the action and interviewed athletes after their performances. This gave the audience insight on how these unique sports work and how they’re judged.
  • The live stream had its own graphics package and commercial spots that ran throughout the main event. • The live stream also had its own camera feeds that allowed us to show camera shots that were more relevant to a remote audience.

Building an (Online) Presence

Subscriber Counts
The Arnold Sports Festival Youtube subscriber count has nearly doubled each of the last three years we’ve provided streaming services and assistance for the event.