Project Description

Columbus Chamber of Commerce: Annual Meeting

About the Project

The Columbus Chamber’s Annual Meeting brings together several hundred of the leading minds from the region’s growing community to connect over relevant and innovative topics in business and leadership. The Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity to contribute to a collaborative environment that fosters innovation in a similar fashion to the conditions we develop and design our events.

Because the Annual Meeting brings together an eclectic group of business leaders from around Columbus, we understand that a mixed group is going to need a diverse presentation to speak to everyone in attendance. Our creative team and fabrication departments worked on a design that mixes traditional elements that would speak to the seasoned CEOs and modern touches of technology that would appeal to the young leaders.

Unique Opportunities

The event messaging outlines the annual aspirations the Chamber has of their mission. It is therefore important that all visual messaging throughout the meeting maintains a high-level of compliance. With these elements being delivered from multiple sources, our client looks to our creative team to ensure conformity.

The previous two years, the client had a wall with a takeaway gift constructed in the networking area. This piece acted as a barrier between the pre-event and event space, as well as giving some visual flavor to the space. The client requested ideas for solutions that accomplished both goals with a unique execution at the 2020 meeting.

The Columbus Chamber membership numbers only continue to grow, so not only is the audience growing every year, it’s one of the biggest events that we have with repeat attendees. The events team at the Chamber looks to our design and fabrication teams to deliver fresh concepts that sets each year apart from the previous.


From collaborating with the designer who develops the “toolbox” of design elements for the event to preparing templates for various presenters to use through the meeting, our creative and design teams use our REVEAL process to unearth the foundational basis for the event messaging and establish its distinct expression. This empowers the Chamber and event presenters to express something extraordinary with a unique and, most importantly, unified voice.