Project Description

Country Concert

About the Project

Country Concert is the Midwest’s premier music and camping festival, hosted on a 500-acre facility near Fort Loramie, Ohio. One of our longest-lasting partnerships, LIVE! has been producing this event for nearly 35 years. As the stage grew from a single concrete slab to a small single structure to the current 180-foot main stage and two auxiliary stages, LIVE! has been growing in combination with the three-day festival.

Unique Opportunities

The 35-year partnership with Country Concert covers a majority of the history and evolution of LIVE!—from the handmade PA systems in the early 80s to the cutting-edge digital audiovisual technology of today—we’ve always needed to find ways to advance the festival production without overwhelming the budget.

A three-day festival with full schedules everyday can inundate even the most seasoned stage manager—add the limited amount of backstage storage area and only two docks and it could quickly become a recipe for disaster.

As the concert grew, so did the crowds. Our production design and fabrication teams frequently find themselves tasked with devising solutions to ensure the experience is just as enjoyable in the front row as it is in the back.


In an industry with innovation that seems to advance daily, what was once the best in the field is more at home in an AV museum. Our uncompromised creativity manifests itself in our curiosity and understanding of where technology is, exploring new innovation and investing in technology as it becomes truly viable. This empowers us to optimize investments and deliver creative and technically elevated experiences to our clients and their audiences.

At the heart of our time-tested production expertise is the idea of htx, high-touch execution, the considerations that transform the looming chaos into a methodically organized and executed production. Our’s is a business of moving parts and exact timelines. Our event team members cover the gamut of production roles and htx enables us to instill confidence in our clients in our ability to deliver flawless, creative productions.

A related benefit of developing technology, aside from the evolving experience, is our ability to give everyone who attended Country Concert the best seat in the house. Digital audio systems increased the quality while decreasing the footprint of the PA system. LED screens allowed us to augment the delay audio towers with video screens. The advancements in the technology available equips our teams to produce exceptional events for all in attendance.