Project Description

Gorilla Glue Corporate Office Rebrand

Client: Gorilla Glue

Location: Sharonville, Ohio

Key Objectives: Transform Gorilla Glue’s new corporate headquarters into an embodiment of its brand, communicating its story and philosophy to everyone who walks in.

Challenges: Just as Gorilla Glue products are designed to work on a wide variety of surfaces, we were faced with making the brand shine across diverse spaces and substrates, including conference rooms, offices, huddle spaces, common spaces and more.

Solution: We created and installed custom wallpaper and graphics that could be printed and applied to brick walls, printed directly onto the wood in the lobby area and more. We also installed custom ADA-compliant signs throughout the facility.

Result: The new headquarters is now an integral part of the Gorilla Glue brand, featuring a beautifully branded and executed design package.