Project Description

Jeff Dunham Tour

About the Project

In November 2008, LIVE! was approached about doing a three-month arena tour with the comedian Jeff Dunham. Twelve years, seven tours, upwards of 720 shows, and one world record (​most tickets sold for a stand-up comedy tour​) later, the partnership is still going  strong. Our ability to optimize budgets and overcome logistical hurdles were among the instigators for the partnership; however the true catalyst was our deep commitment to delivering human-connected experiences. Our goal was to clear away the intrusive and provide an environment where entertainer and audience member could connect on a uniquely personal level.

Unique Opportunities

A bloated budget, frequent need to return tickets, and excessive crewing lead the promoter to approach LIVE! with a simple question: could it be done better?

A stand-up comedian’s act is a fluid performance that demands a production company that can adapt as tours transition into the next and the act evolves.

An average of 60 show dates a year, going on 12 years, means our team often finds themselves doing the same tasks repeatedly. Our client needed the production to load-in effortlessly, and this requires our staff to remain curious about how things are done and how these processes could be improved.


Over our nearly 50-year history, our event production teams have produced millions of hours of events and traveled thousands of miles with clients—honing our skills and becoming the trusted partner of numerous clients. We are able to maximize the staff we allocate to a project and optimize the technology backing them up, giving our clients the peace of mind that comes from working with a live-tested and live-trusted partner.

LIVE! took over production in the middle of a tour and since then has helped produce seven more tours for Jeff Dunham. With each tour came the need for new scenic designs or props, and our design and fabrication teams were happy to jump at the opportunity. Our i2i: integrated and invested process mean our diverse teams are equipped to design and implement everything from a rig that would allow a character to swing across a stadium to a t-shirt firing “minigun” that can be used to unleash merch on the audience.

Complacency is the enemy of innovation and innovation is what keeps the experiences we provide for our clients’ audiences engaging. However, innovation isn’t just found in the lighting fixtures or audio system. It’s in our DNA to remain curious and explore new ways to accomplish our goals.