Project Description

Mr. Clean Brand Exhibit

Client: Hyperquake

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Key Objectives: Transform a historic building in Cincinnati into an immersive art exhibit to highlight the new Mr. Clean brand and educate P&G employees as effective ambassadors of the new brand.

Challenges: We faced the challenge of pre-existing perceptions of an established, iconic brand and how to creatively engage employees on the new, revamped brand.

Strategy: To unveil the new brand, a “boxing” concept was created, where Mr. Clean went back into the gym and reemerged as a more powerful and attractive brand symbol that would appeal to the next generation of consumers. Using this concept, we worked closely with Hyperquake to create messaging areas throughout the space where P&G employees were trained in the new brand direction.

Result: The beautiful, months-long exhibit served as a hub for P&G training, brainstorming and celebrating the new brand. At the end of the exhibit, we recreated the space at P&G corporate headquarters for an ongoing brand experience.