Project Description

Nationwide Insurance: All-Associate Experience: Virtual

About the Project

LIVE! alongside our partners at Nationwide Insurance produce the All Associates Experience in Columbus, Ohio. LIVE! ensures it isn’t simply a great corporate meeting, it’s a riveting experience.

Pyrotechnics, projection mapping and movable LED video tiles have allowed LIVE! to produce some memorable moments for the 13,000 Nationwide associates inside the arena. However, they only represent a small fraction of the 30,000+ total audience watching this event throughout the country. We design the elements of the program so that the digital audience has an amazing experience too.

A separate streaming video team has access to all of the camera feeds inside of the venue, allowing the video director to produce a totally independent cut of the program. Live polling engages both the in-person and online audience can interact with. Our team also built a small virtual studio to produce segments of the event that used 3D real-time graphics to display the results.