Project Description

Nationwide Insurance: All-Associate Experience

About the Project

LIVE!, alongside our partners at Nationwide Insurance, produce the All Associates Experience in Columbus, Ohio. Held in the same Nationwide Arena in which the Blue Jackets play, LIVE! is tasked with making sure the event lives up to its name. It isn’t a corporate meeting, it’s an ​experience​.

Unique Opportunities

Corporate meetings are the catalyst for growth within an organization. The meeting planning team at Nationwide relies on our teams to devise a creative expression and delivery for the messaging communicating the collective goals of the organization.

Coordinating with external vendors is a circumstance we encounter in larger events and working with larger organizations. We need to not only understand the capacity and limitations of our equipment, our teams need to further understand the limitations of the content creation methods to find ideal solutions for event delivery.

Operating in 32 states and D.C. makes it infeasible to gather all of their employees in one location for a one-day event, even with a venue the actual size of an NHL arena. The corporate communications team looks to LIVE! to essentially produce two simultaneous events—one for the in-house audience of 15,000 and one for the streaming audience of 30,000+ associates—both which need to engage, inform, and excite the viewer.


Our process of exploring and finding creative ways to interpret branded communications is what fuels our creative discovery process. This journey feeds into the ways we ideate creative expressions through the use of innovative creative and forward-thinking technical productions. We establish not only the foundational roadmap for our journey through the event production process, we establish the “topology” of that route that will manifest as the unique expectations of an event.

Our multidisciplinary teams cover the distinct specialties found across the spectrum of event production—from the technical and creative to the logistical and managerial—enabling us to successfully collaborate with the various provisional contractors we encounter. Providing guidance to our clients’ partners is the natural extension to our commitment to providing thoughtful project execution that ensures a comfortable and confident experience for our clients.

Every project we produce goes through our REVEAL process, where we explore and define the distinctive characteristics of a project’s objectives and delivery. Technology has shattered the concept of a single-venue production—we can transmit an event via social media to all corners of the world or transport a distant expert into the middle of a discussion—our world is connected and our productions reflect that demand for access.