Project Description

Nu Skin: Expo/Store

About the Project

Housed in the Salt Palace Expo Hall, the Nu Skin Expo had four distinct goals: highlight their breakthrough skincare product, Lumispa; introduce 10 new brands; create an efficient, full-functioning store; and entertain, inform, and motivate their attendees.


Overcome a massive sterile expo hall environment

Balance fulfillment needs, store flow, and restocking efficiency for 47 fresh SKUs

Introduce Nu Skin’s premiere product, Lumispa, and provide a space that educates and builds enthusiasm for the new product line

Create engaging attendee interactions throughout the venue


Divided the hall into 10 unique branded environments, creating a Nu Skin mall that broke down the overwhelming space into a clear journey for attendees

Created a premier dynamic environment for the Lumispa brand, including sample stations, a hologram display, photo ops, and a demo area for more directed learning

Developed an informal slogan, “everything’s a photo op”—every part of the expo became a backdrop for attendee experiences—when the phones came out and the flashes went off, we knew we had succeeded