Project Description

Pampered Chef National Conference


As a long-time partner of Pampered Chef, L!VE had the honor of helping pave the way to their first virtual National Conference. The objective was to produce an exhilarating multi-day event that engaged their community of consultants, while serving as both their 40th Anniversary Celebration and National Conference. It needed to include product launches, annual recognitions, educational programming, presenters, social media engagements, entertainment and an energizing keynote address.

Additionally, a goal of the conference was to ensure a distinctive, high-quality immersive event through every attendee’s experience, thereby aligning with, and amplifying the legacy brand’s purpose of “enriching lives.”

Lastly, the event’s fit and finish, transitions, spatial branding, design and interactive graphics were expected to be connected, seamless, beautiful and elevated.


Deliver the aspirational attributes of Pampered Chef’s historical live experience for its North American consultants––intimacy, energy and the self-improving ambition of “making every day better” ––during a global pandemic which has become America’s constant contagion. We were challenged with creating, producing and executing an event where over 20,000 consultants could safely “stay away, while staying close” through feelings of intimate engagements and brand activations. In essence, we were tasked with creating what were termed, “Being Together. Apart.” Historically, all brand events have been live, in person, at a centrally located U.S. large scale theater or convention center.


Build a supporting strategy. We encouraged Pampered Chef to dream along with us confidently; that indeed we could design and deliver the broadcasting of human connection. We accomplished this through our virtual live grid event system, LUX, L!VE USER EXPERIENCE. Our LUX platform included inventive properties like four custom studio broadcast sets, live comments, social media aggregation, e-Commerce integration, virtual breakouts, coaching portals and even live entertainment.

Each live studio broadcast set was designed as its own vignette, using the client’s corporate offices as the “safe, live space.” Next, each space incorporated an omnichannel approach, social and interactive on iPhones and iPads, and viewership on TV monitors, as well as large digital displays at various watch parties, creating human interaction and energy throughout. Presenter stages were produced with video rolls and graphic content giving glitz and stylishly showcasing keynotes, while “conversation corners” were constructed for more intimate, two-way connections.

We juxtaposed traditional sets with a modern layering of mediums, engagements and scenes, positioning each interaction within a feel of personal premiumization–more like a live, well-flowing TV broadcast–professional, exciting and engaging.

To ensure that all experiences were accessible and easy to use, as well as convenient and comfortable to the user, we employed best practice information design and technology to journey-map the event’s entire architecture.

Finally, deep insights were garnered for the client through granular, real-time data points, offering impressive analytics of user’s movement, viewership, engagement, likeability, revenue and event preferences.

Measured Results.

Deep insights were garnered for Pampered Chef through granular, real-time data points, offering impressive analytics of user movement, viewership, engagement, likeability, revenue and event preferences.

Combining metrics with real time attendee feedback allowed Pampered Chef to assess success in a very different way by measuring time spent on different aspects of the event.

Attendance was five times greater than their traditional “live” event. Revenue doubled. Experience irreplaceable.

L!VE LUX, offered Pampered Chef a new way to meet. What was once in a ballroom with a maximum of 4,500 attendees, revenue capped, and space contained, was transformed into exponential attendance with nearly 24,000 participating consultants, revenue enhanced, and space unbound.

23,988 Registered Attendees

63,159 Live Comments

160, 362 Live Video Views

466,598 Unique Page Visits

The emotional equity soared as well as attendees, called it the “best conference they have ever attended,” and stated, “the convenience was wonderful, no travelling…yet the experience remained  remarkable.”

Customizable, integrative and interactive, we expressed their brand beautifully, fully and safely.

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