Project Description

Rotary International Virtual Convention


Rotary International, an international service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world­­––sought a unique way to “share ideas, join leaders and take action” for their upcoming 2020 Rotary Convention.

With a global history spanning more than a century, Rotary International has bridged cultures and connected continents to champion peace. To reinforce this legacy of togetherness the conference’s theme trumpeted the declaration, “Now More Than Ever.”

The convention’s purpose was to connect worldwide, speak to global challenges of the rotary family, and raise awareness as well as much needed funds for the rotary’s charitable missions, while imbuing optimism, leadership and compassion to 180 different countries, speaking eight different languages.

Lastly, the convention wanted all its programming, from general and breakout sessions, to house of friendship and entertainment interactions, to be explorative, energetic and adaptive for its entire assemblage of attending Rotarians.   


Transform a traditional, historically steeped 110 year consecutively running convention, from an in person event, into a virtual gathering––all without compromising human connection, social interaction and the sharing of ideas. While the original conference was scheduled to take place in Honolulu, Hawaii, the virtual one would be wherever member Rotarians were across the globe, thus making synchronicity for participants across time zones, locations and languages, essential. From concept to completion, all broadcasting, programming and virtual assets, had to be successfully launched and live in just six weeks.


“Come together by staying apart. Connect globally. Re-connect emotionally. Share through exchange.” These were the responses Rotary International gave us during our REVEAL session, whereby we inquired about the specific “emotional drivers” the client wanted to achieve from their first virtual conference since 1910. With this insight in hand, we began concepting, designing and constructing, in conjunction with the client, an event like no other––one that kept all members safe and engaged, energetic and socially distanced, entertained and yet part of the shared experienced––inspirationally aligned with the theme, “Now More Than Ever.”

Using LUX, our proprietary L!VE USER EXPERIENCE we produced a “live event broadcast grid” that would act as “content connection” for its participants. First, we captured essential and engaging video assets by prerecording presenters and select speakers from across the globe. Our LUX solution incorporated unique content properties as part of its collection, including, integrative social media (#rotary20), informative pre-recorded and live broadcasts, and real-time, simultaneous language translations. Additionally, “presenter kits” were sent to strategic locations around the world in order to coordinate, schedule and execute recording sessions for various segments guided by our Technical Director and Show Producer.

By incorporating textured and relevant graphic treatments like bumper animations, printed backdrops, and custom virtual backgrounds, presenters debuted a unified brand event experience for all conference attendees. Further, all multi-channel engagements, recordings and layered content, was master-produced and published at launch as a premier broadcast quality event: “Rotary International Virtual Convention 2020: Now More Than Ever.”

Measured Results.

 L!VE LUX helped transform how a 110 year old international organization meets, adapts and shares, their spirit to the globe. The conference successfully called all Rotarians to take action together around the world for change, and to become, people of action.

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