Rapid Response Emergency Medical Structures

We are living in a precarious time. Seeing the devastating effects of a virus on a worldwide level is unprecedented. But for many of our fellow Americans it has become a reality that challenges the ability of our caregivers to combat the virus every day. We have seen this unfold in front of our eyes and Live! + Iacono have worked to offer resources to help during this time of crisis.

As an immediate response, we can provide emergency medical structures to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 for patients, nurses and doctors. This system can assist in a myriad of needs including isolation units, expanded hospital rooms or mobile field units. They can also be implemented as more isolated work spaces for physicians or other administrative teams and for patients themselves.

These units deploy quickly and are extremely modular. They are lightweight, consisting of hard panels that work within a flexible framing structure. This allows for the ability to conform to tight or unusual spaces or scaled larger when needed. These sturdy units are free-standing, streamlined and customizable based on the needs of caregivers and their staff.

For more information how we can help assist your community or facility, please click the link below to download our Rapid Response System brochure. In it, you will find more information about how the system works and sample configurations for any immediate use.

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To talk directly to one of our Technical Associates, please call Nate Thieme at 513.977.0241.

We are in this together…and we are ready to help.

The Live! + Iacono Team