Great Pasts
Build Better Futures

Unifying the world through live experiences for nearly 50 years.

KISS emerges from Detroit. Nixon resigns from office. Deathwish starring Charles Bronson debuts. And a little company rooted in rock ‘n roll, with nothing more than $500 in cash and a borrowed royal blue Dodge A100 van in need of a water pump, is born. The year was 1974. The company was LIVE!

Using army surplus cans, simple hardware wire, and household lamp bulbs, LIVE! strung together its first homemade “lighting package” and provided lights to local bands and clubs.

Over the next five decades, through humble, learn-as-you-go, late-night know-how, through hard work and hallway huddle-ups, LIVE! grew and grew up.

It no longer served just rock stars, but premier regional and national event planners, Fortune 500 brands seeking unique activations, and international enterprises like Disney—all looking for a true collaborative partner to execute electrifying live events, compelling video content, and seamless scenic experiences. Today, we are the nation’s most reliable live event production company. For the last 50 years, we’ve successfully produced over 50,000 shows, serving 11,000 leading brands, covering 1.2 million miles, pumping 600 million watts, while expertly supported by the human capital of nearly 7.5 million creative and technical production hours—all to ensure the most predictive live brand performance possible.

KISS to Kid Rock, Jerry Seinfeld to Jeff Dunham, Dolly Parton to Chris Stapleton, Grand Master Flash to Guns ‘n Roses, Disney to The Ramones to Sir Elton John. They all have one thing in common. They were made live, by LIVE!


Producing epic brand expressions through multi-medium, omni-channel environments—events, video, and scenic scapes—resulting in extraordinary experiences that are relevant, riveting, and forever memorable for those we serve.

We thoughtfully and artfully manifest the deepest engagements possible. Our constant purpose is to build a collection of storied moments, beautifully expressed and humanely told. We seek a singular collectivism.


Creating a world more unified through human connection.



Great creative comes from diversity and democratization, not dictatorships. We believe diversity in thinking is strength in ideation. And constant iteration leads to a better solution. Collaboration between client and ourselves is the quintessential basis of our relationship; it is the catalyst for all we do. Collaboration connects us all.


We start by listening. We imagine a world from your vantage point, full of objectives, your obstacles. We can’t truly help, until we truly understand. Empathy acts as our strongest bond and guiding principle. Beyond simple understanding, it is the compassionate contemplation of sharing one goal together, as a singular collectivism.


Inquiring, questioning, interested. Curiosity fuels our constant collaborative approach. We are lifelong learners. This frame of reference allows us to view challenges as just another opportunity in disguise. Our curious nature grants us an eagerness to examine all we can, relentlessly, until finding a creative solution.


We come from humble places, humble beginnings. We are creatives seeking collaborative partners. We are the fortunate ones, and we know that. Our clients allow us to co-author remarkable brand engagements, together. Our associates graciously and collectively support us along this creative journey. For all of this, over nearly 50 years, we remain grateful.

Let’s express something extraordinary, together.

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