The Perfect Meeting Space Checklist

Meeting rooms come in all shapes and sizes — some with impressive amenities and modern conveniences, and some with a number of hidden obstructions and subtle inadequacies. Most meeting spaces have a combination of all of the above, making the event planner’s job of finding the perfect meeting space that much more challenging.

To ensure the meeting space selected meets the event’s requirements, an event planner should measure the room, prepare scale diagrams, account for all equipment, decorations and staging, and calculate the square footage per person for the required set up. If that sounds like an intimidating task list, let’s break it down into a checklist:

  • Quantity. Determine the number of rooms you will need for each part of your event. You may need a handful of committee and business meeting rooms in addition to the room for the formal program. Find out from your event facility how many people each room can comfortably hold.
  • Attendance. Take into account the total number of people you will be expecting, and how you will be breaking them down into smaller groups. You may need to require an RSVP or enforce a registration deadline to get accurate numbers.
  • Seating style. Decide if your guests will be seated conference style, classroom style or theater style. This will depend on the type of event, how many people are coming, and whether it’s a lecture, workshop or breakout session.
  • Meeting space features. Decorative columns in a meeting room can make a space seem eloquent, but can be an audio-visual obstruction nightmare. Check the ceiling height, and that any architectural features add to your event — not take away from it.
  • Room for additional tables. If you are serving drinks, snacks or a meal during your event, check to make sure your meeting space has room for a refreshments or buffet table.
  • Before and after space. Do you need a pre or post meeting space for your event attendees or affiliated ancillary groups? If so, check to make sure your attendees can make the meeting space transitions easily.
  • Handicap accessibility. The meeting space you choose for your event should be accessible to people with disabilities.

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