The Sensibility Project

It’s time to feel again.

We create the most innovative, technologically seamless and humanely emotional environments for those we serve, unifying experience and expression, as a connection through multi-dimensional moments. Immersive, engaging, integrated; a story told only through the wonderment of the five sense—sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Though many of us take our senses for granted, approximately 48 million Americans, or 20% of the U.S. population, report some degree of hearing loss, while 26.9 million have some sort of visual impairment, and 64% of us will have at least one sensory deficit in our lifetime.

As humans, we all deserve the freedom to feel, to perceive the intimacy of every moment, most especially those unforgettable moments that move our lives. The Sensibility Project brings experiential moments to some of the millions of Americans who suffer from sensory loss or impairment. We do so by collectively committing to the cause and donating four gifts: talent, resources, experiences, and time to fulfill our vision—a world more unified through human connection.

Talent as a Gift

Uniquely, using LIVE! cross-disciplined creative and technical professionals, we select a sensory disability organization and collective concept, produce, and execute a corporate capabilities video, an event of a lifetime, or a scenic scape environment, creatively shaping and sensory adapting to the organizations’ or attendees’ specific impairments. The objective is to produce an impactful event, an engaging environment, or compelling content that resonates remarkably, speaking to the recipients’ senses in a manner that moves its audience intimately.

Resources as a Gift

Every brand we work with, every scenic experience we create, every national tour we support, a portion of our revenues act as direct donation to select sensory impairment support organizations or an indirect donation toward research or special services that may be required when dealing with a particular sensory deficient. Additionally, these raised funds support sensory innovations around the world through robotics, sensory technologies, and advanced anatomical implants.

Experience as a Gift

Because of our longstanding history and current network of high-profile music, comedy, entertainment, and sports brands, we select an organization and sensory disabled students or patients to attend a live event of their choice. LIVE! will ensure that the event and experience is ADA compliant.

Time as a Gift

All LIVE! associates give 20 hours each year, donating their time as volunteers to a sensory impairment organization of their choice, totaling nearly 5,000 hours of civic service givebacks to the community every year.

Let’s express something extraordinary, together.

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