Trends Marketing Troupe

Forecasting tomorrow, today.

A happening in Paris becomes a thing in Beijing. Italy tips a new trend toward Spain. London’s culture invades the west. Japan jumps on the next big innovation.  The globe, connected. Cultural influence infuses us all. What happens in one place happens everywhere.

As managers, marketers, planners, and thought leaders, brands better know what’s next. And now it’s a worldwide conversation. We’re here to help.

Our Trends Marketing Troupe (TMT), coming soon, will bring you pertinent insights and influences from across the globe and the nation, as well as trend relevancies, regional and local. By harnessing the boundless influence of trend science and cross-cultural creativity, we can build more thoughtful, intimate, emotional, and engaging experiences.

“We can harness creativity, technology, and now global events to create an environment more impactful—with greater connection between people, brands, and the world.”

Tobias Brauer, Creative Director, LIVE!

Let’s express something extraordinary, together.

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