Use Video Production to Sell, Educate and Celebrate Your Story

If you’re a business owner, you likely recognize the impact that content can have on your marketing efforts. You may have a beautiful website, an updated blog, or even a social media presence. Written content is great, but all of us at LIVE! Technologies encourage you to explore another avenue of content through video production. Videos can have a huge impact on your business.

Why Video?
There are plenty of reasons why video production should be part of your marketing plan. Here are just a few:

1: Consumers love video

They spend a lot of time watching videos. Just look at the success of YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, and receives more than a billion views every day. It reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the US. See the facts here.

2: Search engine optimization

Every business wants to be found on the Internet, and video production can help. If the video contains good content, keywords in the labels, and encourages social shares, it can make a significant contribution to your SEO strategy.

3: Demonstrate a complicated process

In addition, video is beneficial for those who absorb and comprehend information better when it is presented visually. Learning by watching reinforces what your audience has previously read, and helps them remember it. According to statistics compiled by , videos increase the viewers understanding by 74%, and they are 80% more likely to remember it.

4: Convert your customers

Also, video helps people make their buying decisions. The personalization, visualization and explanation in a video provide that extra reassurance for the customer. This ensures them that the product or service is what they need. The proof is in the stats – 46% of users take action after viewing a video. See the results.

5: Showcase your company’s culture

A video lets you explain what your company is all about in a personalized message to your potential customers. It’s a powerful storytelling vehicle that allows you to connect on a more personal level. Video helps you to build trust, because your audience can hear and see who you are and what you stand for. It’s a great way to demonstrate all that you have accomplished, and your overall mission and goals.

6: Launch a new product

When you’re ready to introduce a new product, video is a powerful way to do it. It allows you to visually show and explain all that your product has to offer, and how it can benefit your audience. Your audience is 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it, see here . You can even use video for new product teasers to keep the suspense building until the product is officially launched.

7: The WOW factor

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think of the impact video can make on your audience! According to Forrester Research, it’s worth 1.8 million words.

8: Present satisfied customer testimonials

Your satisfied customers’ words mean more to potential customers than anything you could ever say or promise. The impact is even greater when they can see the satisfied customer through video, hear the emotion in their voice, and watch them tell their story about doing business with you.

Step 9: Answer your customer’s commonly asked questions

Check out the questions or comments your audience has left on your social media posts. Prepare a response, and record it on video. This provides your customers with real time feedback, and a sense that you are truly listening.

10: It’s easy to share

When your video resonates with your audience, they will want to share it. They will share it on their Facebook or Twitter accounts, or maybe even embed your video on their website or blog. The more people who see your message and interact with it (like, comment, share), the more exposure your business will get.

Video is a powerful vehicle to engage your audience. We’ve witnessed its impact time and time again with our own business and with our clients’. It’s fun, it’s creative, and it benefits your business long after it’s created.

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