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The world is a dimensional place.
Express it beautifully.

Welcome to 3dxScenic, the fabrication division of L!VE. If you can dream it, we can build it. The future is about creating relevant experiences that give rise to remarkable expressions. 3dx Scenic offers the industry’s most immersive three-dimensional expressive design. We’re engineers and riggers, carpenters and welders, seamstresses and storytellers. Only we utilize this rare collaboration between modern technologists, skilled tradespeople, and inventive artists to create scenic experiences that reflect and express the imagery of your brand. Bring your vision to life with a custom scenic fabrication tailored to your unique business.


We build epic brand expressions through multi-medium, omni-channel, environments—events and scenic scapes. We use these mediums along with artisan craftmanship and novel technologies in creating extraordinary experiences that are relevant, riveting, and forever memorable for those we serve. We are proud to craft a one-of-a-kind experience for all participants at your event to enjoy and remember.

If you’d like to learn more about 3dxScenic please contact our team. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about our production agency or services.

Creating immersive environments as unique spaces so that attendees don’t just view or visit, but rather experience it through tangible, spatial interactions and expertly constructed solutions.

Utilizing computer-controlled technologies like Turntables, Water Walls, and Kinetic Sculptures to surprise and delight audiences.

Printing Large Format, Direct to Substrate, Banners, Wayfinding, and Displays to extend and enhance and celebrate your messaging.

Supplying Banner Finishing, Custom Upholstery, Fabric Installations, Costumes, and Mascots.

Offering a robust rental inventory of Custom & Standard Decking, Ramps, Custom Stair Units and Scenic Fixtures, and Décor to elevate any set.

This 3dxScenic service provides rapid Prototyping and Job Specific Tooling, helping you better present your concepts and products to your customers.

Employing experts in CAD & 3D modeling, Digital Sculpting, and Technical Project Management, utilizing a variety of software tools.

Machining 7 Axis Robotics, up to 4’ x 4’ x 10’ (foam, wood, plastics), CNC Plasma cutting up to 1” thick (steel & aluminum), and Flatbed CNC Routing up to 57” x 120” (foam, wood, plastics, aluminum).

Molding composites, Hand Layup or Chopper Gun, Coated Foam or Hollow Shapes, Custom Mold Creation, Plastic Composites, and Carbon Fiber.

Scenic Experiences made to delight you and your customers.





What makes us unique?

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Uncommonly Authentic

We are craftsmen at heart, and we love the collaborate journey to a common goal. We utilize the disciplines of old school tradesmanship forged with today’s technologies and our own know-how, to produce something uncommonly authentic.

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Dimensionally Expressive

We create scenic experiences that reflect and express the vision of your imagination. Whatever your surroundings, we build scenic around it — whether it’s metal, wood, foam, synthetics, soft goods, or a combination of these, we dimensionalize your idea.

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