Creative Uncompromised

Originality can’t be bargained for. A great idea can’t concede. Imagination doesn’t bow down.

We don’t believe creative should be beholden to budgets, talent restricted to technology, ingenuity strapped by wrong innovation. After all, we dream in “what ifs,” not “we can’ts.”

Three key principles guide us when initiating, producing, and executing creative projects: curiosity, collaboration, and competency—because creativity matters, but executing it matters more.

From leading art directors and producers to award-winning videographers, 3D motion graphic designers, scenic craftsman, lighting directors, and senior sound engineers, we offer the region’s largest in-house technical staff.

Creative Shaping

We believe creative should be shaped, not surrendered. When challenges emerge, Creative Shaping allows us to remodel imaginative ideas, production nuances, and conforming technology so that the audience experience—whether it’s via event, digital content, or scenic experiential—is never compromised.

“Creatively, we like to think in the unseen gap, beyond the conventional, between what we know and what we certainly don’t know. Somewhere along there is the next innovative idea.”

Tobias Brauer, Creative Director, LIVE!

Let’s express something extraordinary, together.

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