Photo Opportunities Create Memories and Human Connection

Few things in life bring people together better than a day out at an attraction. Whether it’s a day of thrills at a theme park or “edutainment” at a museum, zoo, or aquarium, friends, and family relish the opportunity to create and share new memories through shared experiences.

At 3dx Scenic and L!VE, our teams pride ourselves on bringing our client’s dreams to reality through a collaborative approach from concept to final delivery. With today’s renewed demand for shared experiences has come an increased interest in photo opportunity locations throughout attractions globally. We are living in a time where the power of social media is engrained into our daily lives. A family that is starting, in the midst of, or finishing a day of adventure and memories wants the opportunity to capture their day with a photo in front of a signature sculpture or branded signage and share this moment with their social network.

Further, by tagging the attraction in a social media post, the facility can see their guests enjoying their day while also having the opportunity for greater outreach to additional prospective customers. Whether it’s an iconic entry area piece like the world’s largest carousel horses that we fabricated for Lake Compounce (Bristol, CT) and Kennywood (West Mifflin, PA) or custom festival signage like those executed for “State Line Celebration” at Carowinds (Charlotte, NC), we love telling our client’s stories through dimensional expression.

As a lifelong fan of themed entertainment (and someone who has had a career in the industry for close to 25 years), the best part of a project is seeing the finished product and watching happy guests interact with it. The many weeks (sometimes months) of collaborative conceptual work followed by fabrication and installation always pays off when we are able to see our client’s vision brought to reality.

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Mark Rosenzweig
Senior Account Executive, 3dx Scenic

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