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OVERVIEW      |      ABOUT US      |      FULL DEMO REEL      |      WORK     |      ANIMATION  


Telling Real Stories. Connecting With Your Audience. Moving The Brand Forward.

LIVE Video has an expertise in what is arguably the most powerful communication medium in history. And we’re driven by the pursuit of excellence. That sounds cliché; but it’s true. Our job is not complete until we deliver the right creative, the right message, the right execution, and the right result.


Stories That Inspire Action

We agree with Thomas Edison. Creativity is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. A great idea offers only the opportunity to do something great. It’s the sweat, effort, focus, and commitment that transforms a great idea into a great story.

About Us

Consultation To Completion

LIVE Video is a full-service creative resource, with specialists in communication, concept development, video production, motion design, editorial and sound. We are team and process driven.

How We Work

Exceptional outcomes are created through communication, creative collaboration, careful planning and uncompromising execution. We believe in production schedules, storyboards, shot lists, problem-solving, staying within budget, hitting deadlines, getting it right, adding value wherever possible, and respecting our client’s point of view.

Our Clients

Let’s express something extraordinary, together.